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We're proud to present our latest addition for Gaming PC Fanatics: Havok PC!

From mid-size companies to individual residential users, OnSite PC Fix is your solution for fast and reliable PC service (at your location) wherever you are. No job is too small or too challenging. You've heard the horror stories of small IT consulting firms not being able to get the job done; from complete office upgrades to simple virus removal you can be certain that OnSite has the knowledge and experience to deploy your project right the first time.

Until now, as a residential user, you've only had two choices for computer repair. One was to disconnect your computer and take it to a small electronics store or large chain computer superstore. Or, you could call one of the larger established corporations (i.e., Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, etc.) and spend hours on hold before being told to either re-install the software or, worse yet, use a "product recovery" CD to replace all software on your PC (thereby deleting your valuable data!) In the first scenario, you are placing an enormous amount of trust in the company to which you are bringing your PC. You are trusting not only that no data will be lost as the PC bangs around in the back seat of a car while in transit, but also that the technician would not attempt to sell you something that you have no need for. News exposes are replete with examples of PC repair facilities taking advantage of unsuspecting users in this manner. Why pay $100 at a large chain computer superstore before any work is even done? Why pay even more for parts that you simply don't need? In the second scenario, who has the time to spend hours listening to recorded music patiently waiting for a human voice to tell you to that the problem is not theirs and the only way to remedy it is to erase everything you have worked hard on? That is not the support that you deserve.

Small- to mid-sized New Jersey businesses have had even fewer options for their IT solutions. To lure away IT professionals from high-paying NY jobs, NJ companies had to pay exorbitant salaries. As a result of this disparate compensation structure, NJ consulting firms have historically been following far behind their NY counterparts, and to get knowledgeable, professional IT consultants from NY could run your company close to bankruptcy.

Instead, call the company you trust...OnSite PC Fix. We'll come to you and get your PC or entire office running the way it should - the way you expect it to run. We'll explain what we are doing and why in plain English, so you can understand what is going on even without a degree in computers. We'll work with you, not against you, preserving the integrity of your data and giving you comfort in the fact that OnSite will get it right the first time.

Call us or email us today...you'll be glad that you did.